Jorg Schauer is an interesting and original watch designer. His watches are built in his own atelier under his own supervision or by him personally. They are handcrafted and beautifully finished. They are unlike any other range of watches we know. They combine high build quality with design flair and originality. The small numbers made ensure exclusivity. This is a unique product range which defies categorization. Suffice is to say that the watches are always "cool" and never boring. The usual case material is stainless steel.
Jorg Schauer has won prestigious awards for his watches. As hand built, high quality exclusive watches this range provides exceptional value. These are deluxe watches without premium pricing. For full details of the range and more information about the company please visit: ww

Our selection is shown below but the other models may be seen on the Schauer site.

Jorg Schauer has two partner brands. These are STOWA and DUROWE. Stowa (Walter Storz) goes back to 1927 and is famous for being one of five, and only five, makers of the classic 1940s 55mm. diameter pilots' watches which were made to be worn on the outsides of flying jackets. The other four were: A. Lange & Sons, Lacher & Co., IWC and Gerhard D. Wempe. Today's Stowa models are traditional pilots'/observations' watches of very high quality and normal size. Some are limited editions using NOS (new old stock) Durowe movements (for more information visit: Durowe (Deutsche UhrenRohWerke), from 1934 until 1983, was a large and important German manufacturer of movements. Today NOS Durowe movements are used in some Stowa models. There is even a new movement (7440) which is used in the new concept watch which carries the Durowe name (for more information visit : We mention Stowa out of interest. Stowa watches are available via the Stowa web site and not from our shop.

The Kleine Schauer. The original and award winning version of this watch used a hand winding 2801 movement. This version is no longer available from the factory. A new version has been introduced (Autumn 2004) with a substantially modified automatic movement and a date (optional). Stainless steel case, part bright polished, part matt ground. Offset crown. Sapphire crystals front and back. The new model has strap attachment by screws (illustrated is actually the old model which is otherwise very similar. Clicking for a larger image shows the new type. White or black dial with Arabic numerals and no minute markers. D= 37mm. H= 9.15mm. Base movement: ETA 2824-2. Our preferred execution is white dial with date and leather strap. This makes an excellent dress watch. Strong recommendation. The leather strap version now includes a deployant (deployment) clasp at no extra cost.

Kleine Schauer (new automatic model) with either white or black dial and leather strap £1063
Kleine Schauer with either white or black dial and stainless steel bracelet £1190


The model "Piccolo" is now discontinued.


DayDate 2836. Automatic. Stainless steel case. Sapphire crystals front (domed) and back. White or black dial with Arabic numerals. Luminous hands and points. Day & date display. D= 41mm. H= 12.25mm. (inc. domed crystal). Base movement: ETA 2836

White or black dial with leather strap £1360

White or black dial with bracelet (the heavy high spec. Artus) £1615

"GL" versions of these watches are available. They have square edged bezels instead of angled ones. The pricing is the same as for the standard versions.

Quarada. This is a very special watch which is strictly built to order.Automatic chronograph with two sub dials. Stainless steel case. Sapphire crystals front and back. Black or white dial. 35mm x 35mm and H= 14mm. Base movement: Valjoux 7753

White or black dial with leather strap £3740

White or black dial with crocodile strap £3825

The "Kulisse" Edition 12. This is our favourite in the "Kulisse" range. We like the bevelled bezel which gives the watch a gentler contour than that of the the other versions. Chronograph. Automatic. Stainless steel case. Sapphire crystals front and back. Cream dial. D= 41mm. H= 14mm. Base movement: Valjoux 7750 (very finely finished). These watches are superb and sumptuous. We cannot think of a better way of spending around £2000 on a watch. These watches will stand comparison with anything made by anyone anywhere. Although a bracelet is available, the watch looks best on a dark brown leather strap or a crocodile one (as illustrated).


With strap (nappa leather or crocodile) £2550

With stainless steel bracelet "Artus" £2805


Editions 6,7,10,11, are £2295 (strap) and £2550 (bracelet). Edition 9 is £2550 (strap) and £2805 (bracelet). The new Edition 14 is £2465 (strap) and £2720 (bracelet). Full details of these models are on the Schauer site:



Superb watches with a unique house style. The Edition 12 and Quarada are stunning. We like the Kleine Schauer because it is a universal dress watch. Extended delivery is the norm for some models.


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