The name "Temption" is made up from parts of the words "tempus" and "functiones" and expresses the philosophy behind these watches. These are instrument watches par excellence. They are superb everyday watches. They are tough and robust. The information is presented in a clear, simple and uncomplicated way. Priority is given to easy readability. There is no superfluous ornamentation. Even the logo is understated, being black on black for the black dial watches.There is a strong element of "less is more". The designs of these watches are original, refreshing and timeless and are the creations of Klaus Ulbrich who is the firm's owner. These watches carry an exclusivity which comes with the small production numbers. They have an international reputation among watch enthusiasts and connoisseurs. The philosophy behind these watches includes certain principles. One is that the watches should be of outstanding quality (they are). Another is that there should be no imitation of fashions and styles from times past and no imitation of the current crop of mass produced watches. This makes these watches not only functional devices for today but also for any day. They are thus potential timeless classics.

Bracelets are integral parts of the designs in some cases (Curie, CM03). For these models we think the bracelet versions should be first choice although strap options are offered.

There is much attention to detail e.g. the crystals have anti reflection coatings on the insides only. External coatings, being softer than the sapphire substrate, would be vulnerable to abrasion. The date panels are black - much nicer than the usual white - and the build quality is excellent. The larger integral bracelet watches (42mm.) are substantial and satisfying yet easy to wear because of their thoughtful designs. The absence of horns and the way the bracelets join the cases allow these 42mm. watches to sit well even on smaller wrists. The end to end dimensions and distances between the bracelet hinges are less than usual for 42mm. watches making the wearability of these models at least as good as most 40mm. watches from other makers. The bracelets are wider than usual at 24mm. (excepting "Curie" and "Olympic" - 20mm.). The removable links are secured by screws (i.e. not split pins) so that adding or removing links to adjust the length is very easy.These are not cheap watches but they are very good value for money. When making comparisons remember these watches are usually supplied with a high quality bracelet. Good bracelets are significant extra cost items for many other watches and only the best ones use screws. Where a strap is chosen for one of these models it is not the usual simple device but includes terminations like those of the bracelet and a "butterfly clasp".

The new models (Formula, Classic, CGK204, Curare) do not have a bracelet option. The thinking is that as all come with a folding clasp as standard, the leather is not subjected to repeated bending and unbending and consequently has a very long life.

Each watch is supplied with a guarantee/instruction book which contains a timing test report for the actual watch and Klaus Ulbrich's signature.

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Sehr geehrter Herr Ulbrich and hello John,

I just wanted to write and express my appreciation to you both for my new watch - and the trouble you went to to achieve a serial number of my wishes. I was not expecting that you would be able to do this and not believe I could have received such a high level of customer service from any other brand.

Best wishes to you both - and next time I am near Stuttgart I might make a trip down to Herrenberg.

Kind regards, Alistair


Hi John,

Just to let you know that the watch arrived today and I'm delighted with it!

Thanks for sizing it, it fits perfectly.

It's been a pleasure dealing with you, a gentleman throughout and service that's second to none, all the more appreciated as all via email having not previously met, sometimes a leap of faith but clearly not here.

I've attached a picture, thanks again for all your help and have a fantastic weekend.

Kind regards,

CM05. Excellent new model. Exemplifies Temption's approach to design. Stainless steel case and bracelet. Automatic. Date. Uni-directional bezel. Sapphire crystal and rear window. Luminous. Water resistant to 100m. D= 42mm. H= 9.8mm. Base movement: 2892-A2


Cameo. Limited edition of 500. Sapphire crystals front and back. Very easy to read. Very wearable, being large but not oversize, and very slim. 39.4mm. x 37mm. x 9mm. This watch has unique features and is quite different from other rectangular watches. Dark amber cabochon. Dark brown dial. Brown leather strap with folding clasp. Excellent stainless steel case, part polished, part fine brushed. This is a superb and beautiful watch. Strong recommendation.


OLYMPIC (CMO2). GMT watch (second time zone). Automatic. Stainless steel case with "satinized" finish. Black dial. Luminous. Screw down crown with integrated onyx. Water resistant to 100m. Sapphire crystal with anti relection coating (internal surface only). Sapphire back. Massive (20mm.) stainless steel bracelet secured by screws (leather strap optional). D= 38mm. H= 9.8mm. Movement: T16.1 based on ETA 2893-2. Superb time/date watch with the bonus of a second time zone.

This model is now sold out. Curie continues.

A similar watch is available with D= 35mm. and a 20mm. bracelet or strap.
(CURIE) This model is a scaled down - in proportion - version of the Olympic.

With bracelet £1200
With strap £1157

New model CALLA replaces CURIE. £1200 with bracelet and strap.

CM03. GMT watch (second time zone). Automatic. Stainless steel case with "satinized" finish. Unidirectional rotating bezel. Black dial. Luminous. Screw down crown with integrated onyx. Water resistant to 100m. Sapphire crystal with internal anti reflection coating. Sapphire back. 24mm. stainless steel bracelet or leather strap (secured by screws). D= 42mm. H= 10.7mm. Movement T16.1 based on ETA 2893-2

With bracelet £1287

The black dial version of this model is now sold out. See below.


CM03 is still available with a white dial and slightly different styling.

With bracelet £1287

Please note that the newer models shown below (except CGK205) are not offered with a bracelet option. All the straps are supplied complete with a folding clasp which means that the straps are not continually bent and unbent. This increases strap life greatly.

CGK204 Chronograph with complications. Usual chronograph functions plus moon phase/synchronized 24hr./month/day. Sapphire crystals front and rear. Water resistant to 100m.There is a tachymetre scale on the bezel. Leather strap with new flat single wing security clasp. D= 43mm. H= 14.5mm. T18.1 movement based on Valjoux 7751.

With strap £2330

FORMULA Chronograph for the rally/racing enthusiast. The specification is similar to CG103 (above) but with different presentation. There is a tachymetre scale on the bezel. Leather strap with new flat single wing security clasp. D= 43mm. H= 14.5mm. T17.1 movement based on Valjoux 7750. Sapphire crystals front and rear. Water resistant to 100m.The combination of black, red and the silver of the stainless steel is particularly attractive. A very nice watch. Strong recommendation.

With strap £2157

This watch is also available as the CLASSIC (far right). This is the same watch but with more conservative presentation. Detailed variations are available and these may be seen on the Temption site.

With strap £1983


CURARE. This watch is very similar to the Formula and Classic but is finished in black PVD. Skeleton rotor. Amber cabochons. Limited edition (200).

With strap £2157

CGK205. This is the flagship model. It has "everything on it". It has full chronograph, day, date, month, 24 hour indication, moon phase and tachymeter. It has the characteristic Temption minimalist design so even though there is a lot of data available it is all easy to read. The case is designed to integrate with a dedicated bracelet and also a dedicated strap. Sapphire front and back. Luminous. Water resistant to 100m. D= 43mm. H=14mm. Movement: based on Valjoux 7751.

£2591. Supplied with both bracelet and strap.

Please visit: for optional detailed variations available for this model.

Superb everyday watches with design originality from a dedicated German maker.
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