Founded in 1882. Well known today for stop watches and other time measuring instruments. Famous for the "Fliegerchronograph 1939" which has been re-introduced as a limited edition. This replica is very true to the original. Other models are available which are derived from the 1939. Every model is supplied in a leather or wooden presentation case. Hanhart now has a web site: where some new models may be seen.
"Primus" (as shown below on this page) is a single button chronograph available either with manual winding (7760) or automatic winding (7750). With manual winding it is a replica of the 1938 original. The most authentic execution is hand winding/matt case/solid steel back/brown strap at £1967. This version is like the 1939 Replika but with no pusher at 4 o'clock and the bezel index in red. This is probably the one to buy when the 1939 replicas have all gone. The single control cycles: start - stop - return. The automatic version of the "Primus" has a sapphire back and the single pusher is red. This is £2125 with a black or brown strap and £2283 with a steel bracelet. All "Primus" models have black dials. Other new models have been introduced and these are shown at the bottom of this page.
Recent changes have occurred at Hanhart. The traditional range shown here has been phased out in favour of a new range including modern and retro models. These may be viewed on

It seems that for all practical purposes the watches shown below are no longer available new. We are keeping this web page alive for reference and because second hand Hanhart watches turn up from time to time. The 1939 Replika is particularly sought.

1939 Replika. This is very true to the original but has modern improvements. Manual winding. Matt stainless steel case. Convex sapphire crystal. Rotating bezel. Fully luminous. Water resistant to 100m. Safety rivets in the strap, like the original. Uncluttered dial yet able to measure longer time intervals using the bezel as necessary. Limited edition of 2500 pieces. D= 40mm. H= 13.7mm. Supplied in a leather presentation case. This watch is stunningly attractive and deserves its popularity. Everything is "just right". Perhaps an opportunity not to be missed. Available with brown or black strap but we think brown is more in keeping with the watch. Base movement: Valjoux 7760. Few watches remain from the limited edition. If the limited edition element doesn't matter the Primus manual version (described above and below) is just as nice and with the new pricing will be a better buy.


with leather strap £2133 NOW SOLD OUT BOTH HERE AND AT THE FACTORY



Primus Manual. As mentined above, this hand winding model is a close replica of the 1938 original and is perhaps the one to buy when the 1939 Replika is sold out. Convex sapphire crystal. Solid steel back. Rotating bezel. Water resistant to 100m. Safety rivets in the strap. Fully luminous. Single pusher cycles: go/stop/return. D= 40mm. H= 13.7mm. Base movement: Valjoux 7760. Shown with a black strap but perhaps more original with a brown one.

with leather strap £1967 NOW SOLD OUT

Primus Automatic. Similar to the above watch but with an automatic movement and a sapphire back. Red pusher and chrongraph hands. D= 40mm. H= 15mm. Rotating bezel. Safety rivets in strap. Water resistant to 100m. Fully luminous. Base movement: Valjoux 7750

with strap £2125

with bracelet £2283

Pioneer Caliber II. This is a new model. It looks like the 1939 Replika model from the front but is actually automatic (7750) and has a sapphire back hence H= 15mm. Convex sapphire crystal. Water resistant to 100m.Safety rivets in strap. Rotating bezel. Fully luminous.

with leather strap £2086

with bracelet £2244

Tachy Tele. This model is like the 1939 but has both a tachymeter scale and a telemeter scale. These are marked in red. The third button is also red. This model is not a limited edition.

with leather strap £1809

Handwinding Admiral Chronograph. This is a close derivative of the 1939 but has a bright polished stainless steel case and a white dial. It is fully luminous including the chronograph seconds counter. Otherwise the specification is as the 1939. This watch is a reproduction of another model which Hanhart used to make but is not a limited edition. It is of brighter and perhaps more "dressy" appearance than the 1939. Base movement: Valjoux 7760.

with leather strap (brown or black) £1928
with stainless steel bracelet £2125

(The Admiral is also available as an automatic with a sapphire see through back. It is thicker (15.4mm.) than the hand winding model and more distant from the original. £2086 with a strap, £2244 with a bracelet. Base movement: Valjoux 7750. The automatic Admiral has the options of black or white dial and matt or polished case.).

Sirius Chronograph. This is really a modern watch inspired by the 1939. It has three sub dials and date indication. Automatic only. Matt stainless steel case. Black or silver dial. Sapphire crystals front (convex) and back. Luminous. Water resistant to 100m. Dial black or silver. D= 40mm. H= 15.4mm. Base movement: Valjoux 7750.


with strap (brown or black) £2204

with stainless steel bracelet £2362

Sirius Chronograph. This is the same model as described above but with a black dial.

with strap £2204

with bracelet £2362

Minos. This is really a nicely made modern watch with a hint of "retro" in its presentation. It is not a great deal cheaper than the Hanhart chronographs. Automatic. Time of day & date. Luminous. Sapphire crystals front and back. Safety rivets in strap. Available matt stainless steel case (with either black or silver dial) or polished stainless steel case with white dial. Particularly recommended with matt case and black dial. Water resistant to 100m. Timing certificate supplied. D= 40mm. H= 11.3mm. Base movement: ETA 2895-1.


Matt finish with strap (black or brown) £1414
Matt finish with stainless steel bracelet £1572
Polished with strap (black or brown) £1454
Polished with stainless steel bracelet £1651


Pioneer Red X. A new model but still inspired by the replica models. Automatic. Convex sapphire crystal and sapphire back. Black dial. Water resistant to 100m. Rotating bezel. Luminous. D= 40mm. H= 15mm. Base movement: Valjoux 7750.

With strap £2283

With bracelet £2441

Pioneer Red X Red. This basically the same as the "Red X" but with a red dial.

With strap £2283

With bracelet £2441

Attache. This is a recent addition to the range. It is an automatic watch with power reserve indication. Time and big date. Brushed stainless steel case. Black or silver dial. Arabic numerals. Sapphire crystal and back. Screw down crown. Water resistant to 200m. D= 40mm. H= 12.7mm. Base movement: Soprod 9090/2892-A2

with strap £1572

with bracelet £1770

Poseidon-Power Reserve. Similar to "Attache". The same specification but with different presentation. Polished stainless steel case. Black or white dial. Roman numerals.

with strap £1572

wth bracelet £1770

M39. Another recent addition. A very unusual watch with strong retro influence in its design. Automatic. Polished stainless steel case. Black or white dial. Black or brown strap. Sapphire crystals front and rear. Water resistant to 30m. Size: 47.5mm. x 34.5mm. Base movement: ETA 2895-A2

With strap £1098

The interest in Hanhart stems from the derivation of its chronographs from the WWII period. The 1939 Replika has been by far the most successful model for us in recent years. Subject to availability, this is the one to go for. Failing this the hand winding Primus is a good alternative. The other models are fine watches in their own right but don't have quite the same charisma.
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