Making recommendations on the web site is difficult as tastes vary so much. All the watches on the site are recommendable. If the dimensions are suitable and the style and specification appeal any chosen watch is likely to give satisfaction. Some of the watches on the site are exceptional and these models should be apparent from our comments on the individual brand pages. We are very happy to discuss our watches in more detail before purchase.

We can't put our views and recommendations into perspective without saying something about how the watch trade functions. In the watch market at large most sales take place in what we call the " main stream". By this we mean the well known, usually high volume, manufacturers together with their retail distribution networks.The retailers involved often sell watches alongside jewellery. The critical difference between us and the watch mainstream is that the latter primarily sells brands whereas we sell watches.This is an inevitable consequence of the nature of the watch trade.

High brand profiles are mostly bought rather than earned and it is the consumer who pays the bill. The sponsorship, product placement, advertising and deals with brand ambassadors are all very costly. Furthermore, when a brand has enough strength this is often used to support even higher prices (and even more price based exclusivity). None of this is much help to someone who simply wants a good watch but does not want to pay a high premium for a big brand name.There is also a tendency for the high profile high volume companies to produce watches which are rather similar.

We believe the key features of watches should be design, quality and value for money. Temption watches, which we recommend strongly, score very well in this area. If the overall package of design, quality and value is considered for each Temption watch then this maker has no equals in the main stream. Where the design and quality alone are matched by mainstream watches this is only at much higher prices. Similarly, unusual watches like the Hanhart replica chronographs are not found in the main stream at all (at least not in the UK). Our other makers produce interesting watches yet these are usually sold in the UK by just a small number of watch specialists . Most main stream retailers do not want watch brands which have specialized appeal but are manifestly better value for money than the other brands they are selling. The reason is that they do not want to risk compromising sales of their big brand watches. In our experience originality and design flair are more likely to come from the smaller and more specialized manufacturers. Without the support of high profile brand names these manufacturers have to concentrate on making the watches good and interesting and being relatively small they can afford to be different. We prefer to support those manufacturers whose philosophies are consistent with ours.

Our recommendation: If you want the most watch for your money be prepared to buy one of the respected but lesser known brands. If it's a high profile brand that is wanted, where the attached watch is a secondary consideration, be prepared to pay a high price.

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